dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

i promised to put some picture`s of our selfmade "knuffels" , i made it together with Chimène and it was fun to do .
i got the patterns of a dutch book , called "knuffels om te naaien" .
Chimène made the black one :
isn`t she sweet ? , yes it`s a she and Chimène calls here zoè

and i choice this one :

he/she doesn`t have a name yet , dont know how to call it , so any names you know would be great , it have to be a unique name
and this one i made last year , it`s a mini moopy and from chimène , she choice the fabrics by her own :)
well this were our creations from last week , hope you liked it and a message is welcome .
going off to work now , bey bey you all :)

maandag 24 oktober 2011


well i had some day`s off from my work , because Chimène had fall vacation from school and i had to manny day`s left and my boss asked me to take some day`s off hahaha , so i did and had a fun daugther & mother week , we sleep out every day , did it easy and only fun stuff , we watched a movie "Rapunzel" very funny movie , we went shopping , made animal from fabrics and we made CUPCAKES and decorated it with marzipan , it was the first time that we decorated it marzipan and it was fun to do , we did it for 2 hours and made different kinds and we loved it so much that we going to do it more .
here some photo`s of it :

* here before , the jummy cupcakes
* Chimène busy with the marzipan , she had to laugh because she doesn`t want to go on the picture hahaha

* this are the cupcakes of Chimène

* This are mine`s

* and this are them all together
they all tasted very jummy and i think you going to see more of it on this blog , because Chimène and i have a new hobbie together .
i will post the monsters we made of fabric later this week .
have a nice day you all :)

zondag 16 oktober 2011

new blog

hello Bloggers ,
i just deleted all my old messages (weren`t much) to begin all over with my blog , the old one was only about my house , but i couldn`t find a nice way in it , because i also wanted to blog about what i see , do , make , get , like , about our pets , hobbie`s and manny more what happens in my life , so i`m going to start allover with a new kind of blog and hope you will like it and will going to follow me :)
i wrote my old blog in dutch & english , but i`m not going to do that again , only in english , it`s easier to blog for me and the most bloggers can read english .
i will make a new message this week because my daughter have fall-vacation from school and going to do some fun stuff :)
i hope you all will like it and going to follow me and leave a message behind for me .
greetings Roos (that`s dutch for Rose)